Riveting Machine

Short Description:

The riveting machine is a professional industrial equipment that is widely popular in various fields such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, and machinery manufacturing.

Main technical parameters:

Machine model number: ACA-1.5T

Nominal force:15KN

Slide stroke:7.5、15、30mm

Maximum closed height:230mm

column distannc:250mm

Handle hole diameter:20mm

Table size(left rightXfronnt behind):350*320mm

Table hole diameter:28mm

Motor power:0.55kw




Product Detail

Main Technology

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  • Machine model number  ACA-L542
    Weight  80kg
    Dimensions  680 long * 750 width * 700 height (mm)
    Work itinerary  500 * 400 * 400 * 100
    Power supply  AC 220V 50HZ
    Power  360W
    The gas source is > 0. 5MPa
    Gas consumption  10 m3/hour
    Rack  a high-quality aluminum profile structure
    Drive mode  closed-loop stepper motor + upper silver guide rail
    Host program control  the source still control system
    Human-machine interface  LCD display and adjust parameters 5.  7-inch touch screen
    Screw delivery machine  1 number of automatic screw delivery machine
    Screw introduction mode  adsorption type
    Suitable screw scope  M1-M6

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